Do you have unlimited paid ads budget for your company?

Maybe you are performance marketing addicted?

The truth is most companies have short term marketing plan and the problem is they can’t show all their potentiel with performance marketing.

Marketing is not just about paid ads.

PPC is just one of inbound strategy so what about others?

SEO? Print media? Public relations? Thought leadership? A community building? An influencer outreach? A blogging? The world of mouth? Video contents? …

When you think about all? You can start focusing on SEO beside performance marketing?

Simple check: “yourwebsite” site:””

How much of your pages are indexed? 105-288-548-1200? Same number for years and years?

You should focus on increasing your indexed page number. If you have products, you can start uploading for a quick start.

You can start organizing blogging in the way of your ICP.

If you have producer goods it is much more easy to be creative. There are lots of data sets that the world has not met with yet!

Product part numbers, specifications, installation guidelines, maintenance checklists, commissioning steps…

You should start questioning your prospects and customers to define what they are looking for. What are their expectations when they start searching online?

Beside, you can focus alternative resources.

For example, marketplaces. If you upload your products to a marketplace, you can reach more indexed online channel.

When leads start searching online, they can see not only your ads, but also 2 or 3 alternative channels to your company.

There are so many marketplaces.

For example, Bidustry is one of them. (This is where I am working.) B2B marketplace for industrial sellers and buyers. So there are industrial sellers products in.

If you start uploading your products, you may reach alternative channels to your company or try another that fits with your company.

The point is to make your leads to be reached with contents, resourches and channels.

You can think your products as resources and your blogs as contents.

If you start creating those resources and contents now, you can generate leads free on the contrary of paid ads in this year.

Are these contents and resources just for internet searchers? No.

You can use them for other inbound or outbound activities. For example, you can start to build your community!

You sales team also can use them while they talk with prospects or even after cold calls!

You can start e-mail marketing.

Most companies don’t care about their customers after sales. Mostly key accounts are being in attention but this is completely a wrong thing!

What if you have the right product for your prospect, but this is not the right time for sales?

Do you nurture your leads? If not, you are loosing what you have in your hand.

These contents and resources also can be used in lead nurturing. You can enable your leads to remind you for the right time!

How much of your customers just bought once or twice? Get the list!

How much of your pages indexed? Check!

How much of your pages are blogs? Check!

How many of your products are on your website? Upload all! E-commerce is not the only way!

What is your ICP? Talk with your customers!

After all compare your leads which are coming from other inbound resources vs paid ads!

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