Looking to buy electrical parts? RFQ now on Bidustry!: Top 20 electrical goods of the last month, you can find on Bidustry.

Bidustry is industrial B2B marketplace for sellers and buyers.

B2B marketplace for industrial sellers and buyers!

Sellers are industrial product manufacturers and suppliers. Buyers are mostly factories, construction projects, plants, refineries, malls, barrages and so on…

“Electrical” is the one of main categories at Bidustry. Other main categories: Mechanical, civil, hardware, machine, chemical, raw materials and others including different kind of industrial sub-categories.

Electrical category includes sub-categoires: Grounding, lighting, equipment, power electronics, control and automation, industrial sensor, electrical testing, ex-proof, cctv systems, cable way and cable.

Sellers as manufacturers, distributors, re-sellers uploading products but not like e-commerce. Mostly their whole product range is being served because they upload without product prices.

Buyers can request for a quote or send a message to sellers. On the other hand there are multiple seller options for buyers.

Option 1: For example Bidustry has an agreement with Schneider Electric and there are more than 50.000 Schneider Electric products in Bidustry. On the other hand Schneider Electric has 15 retailers in Bidustry. They all can’t have all products in their stock so that Your inquiry can send all those sellers with a few click.

Bu resim için metin sağlanmadı

Reach more sellers in a product or create a quotation form so as to reach much more sellers in different kind of industrial products

Option 2: Whether it can be Schneider product or not, you can also create a quotation form with another brands, products. It means that your inquiry will reach more manufacturers and suppliers one more time.

Afc, Amper, Flexıcon, Bartec, Bemis, Cambrıdge Sensotec, Cortem, Cumark, Deltaflex, Eaton, Hes Kablo, Lion Energy, Ls Electric, Msm, Mutlusan, Omron, Optris, Panasonic, Pelsan, Repl, Rtm, Sezgin Trafo,Sigma, Simpa, Warom, Weidmüller…

Bu resim için metin sağlanmadı

Electrical category and sub-categories

These are some other brands serving by manufacturers and suppliers under electrical category.

What are top products of the latest month?

1-Mini-electromechanical-ladder-automatic-1-7min-adjusted-16a-contact-outlet-3303430153634/SE-15363 by Schneider Electric,

2-7x4-pvc-insulated-multi-core-copper-conductor-installation-cables-60227-iec-71-c-07vv-f/HES000000171 by Hes,

3-55x55-logar-box-team/074-048-625555 by Mutlusan,

4- Power-measurement-pm710--basic-read-values-thd--minmax--rs485-3303432028718/PM710MG by Schneider Electric,

5- Earthing-conductors-stranded-galvanized-conductor/AE20858 by Amper,

6-Ex-proof-portable-led-lamp-9-w/COSIME-LTC-10 by Cosime,

7-Digital-color-sensor-lx-111-p-z/LX-111-P-Z by Panasonic,

8- Earthing-conductors-licon-insulated-lightning-inis-conductor/AE21182 by Amper,

9-Masterpact-nw32h1-circuit-breaker--3200-a--3-pole--with drawer--acma-unit-3303430483120/48312 by Schneider Electric,

10-Medium-voltage-distribution-network-automation-3303431051106/3730318B by Schneider Electric,

11-Acti9-ik60n-1p-16a-6ka-c-curve-automaton-3606480087103/A9K24116 by Schneider Electric,

12-Rectangular-toroid-470-x-160-mm-3303430560548/SE-56054 by Schneider Electric,

13-Ex-proof-combined-socket-panel--plug-socket-combination-box/EJB-30 by Bartec,

14-Acti9-ik60n-1p-6a-6ka-c-curve-automaton-3606480087189/A9K24106 by Schneider Electric,

15-Linear-armatures-hanger-rosans-set-150-cm-black-2-pcs/317896 by Pelsan,

16- Ts-35x15-d-steel-hole-rail/7730000458 by Weidmuller,

17- Ex-proof-combined-socket-panel-plug-socket-combination-box/EJB-51 by Bartec

18- Sepam-series-20-40-60-80--24--48-v-dc-i%CC%87cin-rs485-interface-ace919cc-3303430596509/59650 by Schneider Electric,

19- Emt-pipe-accessory-short-t-90-degree-elbow-3-4-inch/ALX-KD-3-4 by Deltaflex,

20- 3x16a-monophase-2pt-ip44-extension-socket-3303432032579/PKF16M423 by Schneider Electric.

There are thousands of industrial goods except the electrical category. If you want to request a quotation or create a quotation form, just start searching from search bar.

After searching products that you need, start requesting for question then your products will automatically be listed in your quotation form.

Basic informations requested from buyers: A name, a company name, a phone number, an e-mail address, and a note if you have one.

After all these steps, sellers receive your quotation request.

If you have more questions, you can directly send a message to manufacturers and suppliers!

For more explore as sellers or buyers from the main page!

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