Looking to buy mechanical parts! RFQ now on Bidustry! What are top 20 mechanical goods of December 2022?

Bidustry is B2B marketplace for industrial sellers and buyers. Before beginning it is very important to understand that Bidustry is for industrial manufacturers and suppliers.

So includes categories such as a mechanical, an electrical, a civil, a hardware, a machine, a raw materials, chemmical and so on…

Bu resim için metin sağlanmadı
Bidustry main categories

Categories also should be increased because industrial goods are much more wider on the contrary of consumer goods.

A mechanical is also one of the top categories at Bidustry. It is for sellers and buyers working in business like a fluid control, a pipe and fitting equipments, heat exchangers and air conditioners, an insulation, a hydraulic, a pneumatic, a bearing and housing, a sealing, a power transmission, a mechanical testing, a afiltratıon.

There are brands from manufacturers and suppliers like Adlema, Air Power, Aremco, Buderus, Derinox, Hensel, Innovative, Molyslip, Orapi, Parker, Petroyağ, Reflex, Rex, Schaeffler-Fag-Ina, Termoproses, Total, Wilo, Örtaş, Ümit Paslanmaz etc.

Bu resim için metin sağlanmadı
Mechanical goods manufacturers and suppliers!

If you think about becoming a buyer, Bidustry is quite a little bit different from any other B2B marketplaces. What are those differences?

For example, you can not add a product to cart and compete order. Bidustry offers product based marketplace. That means there is a step by step procurement journey! First you are going to request a quote from a single product or you can send your message directly to a supplier. On the other hand you can create a quotation form with any other mechanical products or products from other main categories.

With creating a quotation form, you can reach tens of suppliers at the same time.

As the second step, they can reach you from the platform or out of the platform! Or you can prefer just only platform!

After receiving your quotation, you can bargain or evaluate equivalence products. Then order! Bidustry has no commission fee upon those quotations. Just makes you contact with right sellers and creates a space between you and them.

So what are those top 20 mechanical products of December:

1-Control valve d99v001c4n / D99V001C4N91 by Parker

2-Fwa-af-06 concealed ceiling fan coil / SLT40094 by Daikin

3- Sfc-35125-e / 1910000871 by Stauff

4-Axial deep groove ball bearing / 51224 by Schaeffler-Fag-Ina

5-Fwa-af-05 concealed-ceiling fan coil / SLT40095 by Daikin

6-Carter ep-220 / 174627 by Total

7-Ceran xm-460 / 182241 by Total

8-Fixed deep groove ball bearing / 16100-A by Schaeffler-Fag-Ina

9-Re-052-g-20-b4 / 1020022555 by Stauff

10-Rxyq20u outdoor unit vrv / SLT40084 by Daikin

11-Azolla-zs-46 / 172153 by Total

12-Multis-ep-2 / 166646 by Total

13-Remora-aw-46 / 3115530002 by Petroyag

14-Axial piston pump pv360r1d3t1nmrc / PV360R1D3T1NMRC4747 by Parker

15-Axial piston pump pv140r1k1t1ntcc / PV140R1K1T1NTCC4747 by Parker

16-Axial piston pump pv092r1l1t1nmtp / PV092R1L1T1NMTP4747 by Parker

17-Fxaq25a vrv wall mounted indoor unit / SLT40080 by Daikin

18-Directional control valve d3w020dndw / D3W020DNDW42 by Parker

19-Serranus ls-ep-2 / 3106540004 by Petroyağ

20-Pilot operated directional control valve d41vw101b6njwc060615 / D41VW101B6NJW91C060615 by Parker

Explore more of it from the mechanical category!

Check how Bidustry works for buyers!

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