Looking to buy chemical goods! RFQ now on Bidustry! What are top 20 chemical goods of December 2022?

Before starting you should be aware of Bidustry is B2B marketplace for industry!

Its main categories are mechanical, electrical, civil, hardware, machine, chemical, raw material, and others.

There are more than a hundred sub-categories under these main categories.

There are sub-categories under the chemical category as construction chemicals, technical chemicals, process chemicals, wastewater treatment, paints and coatings, adhesives and glues, thinners and solvents, petrochemicals and granules.

So how does Bidustry work?

As a buyer, you have 2 options now! Create a quote form or send a message! Easy, peasy.

Bu resim için metin sağlanmadı
Chemical brands!

There are tens of sellers under some brands. You can request a quote from all of them for a single product. They are suppliers as distributors or retailers.

You can create a quote form for different kinds of industrial goods from different kind of categories. Thus, you can reach more suppliers with a quote form.

If you are questioning something related with products, you can send a message to a supplier or all registered suppliers including manufacturers upon products.

There is no commission and you can request a quote without subscribe. Also, there is free subscription option as buyers. On the other hand there are packages with different kind of specialities not free.

What are you searching for?

Use search bar at the top of any page. Then go to the product and request a quote or send a message.

As a buyer, you may also think to become a seller. Most manufacturers and distributors are not only buyers but also sellers. Check explore the section at the top of the main page and click “Seller” option!

You will see details about how sellers joining Bidustry!

So, what are popular chemical products of December 2022? Check below:

1- Damla Is Paint For Dirty And Sooty Places / DML00000379 – Damla-Boya

2- Damla Plastic Interior Paint 2105 Mine / DML00000095 - Damla-Boya

3- Drop Synthetic Lux Topcoat Paint 2016 Bead Blue / DML00000309 - Damla-Boya

4- Drop Ceiling Paint Gold / DML00000117 - Damla-Boya

5- Drop Plastic Interior Paint 2305 Vanilla / DML0000005 - Damla-Boya

6- Sikagrout 210 / 120203025 - Sika

7- Sikaseal 629 Fire Wrap / 184937025 - Sika

8- Sika Top71 Curing 25 Kg Pb / 120412180 - Sika

9- Sika Repair 645 / 121104025 - Sika

10- Euromix Epoxy Top Coat Solvent Glossy Metal Paint / DML10000230 - Euromix

11- Euromix Silicone Exterior Paint 3323 Bodrum Blue / DML10000059 - Euromix

12- Granite Marine Glue 1 Lt / PUR500-1LT - Elkay

13- Maxiseal Natural Stone Adhesive Natural Looking 4 Lt X 4 / VH72-4LT - Elkay

14- Adhetron Alum Poxy Aluminum Filled Epoxy Repair Putty 120Gr / ALUMPOXY - Adhetron

15- Transmission Axle 7 85W 140 / 212591 - Total

16- Multis Ep 2 / 166649 - Total

17- Carter Sh 320 / 112539 - Total

18- Mackerel M / 3111540003 – Petroyag

19- Carter Sh 150 / 112537 – Total

20- Carter Ep 220 / 174627 – Total

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