Inbound marketing is so important for B2B working companies. The key point is the distribution of contents and resources.

Bidustry helps industrial manufacturers and suppliers about creating online channels for their companies with their products.

As you know there are two types of goods: Industrial goods and consumer goods. Bidustry is the marketplace for industrial goods.

Categories are mechanical, electrical, civil, hardware, machines, raw materials, chemicals, and other 100 sub-categories.

What are the contents and resources of industrial sellers?

-Products, images, videos,

-Technical data sheets,

-Material safety data sheets,

-Installation guidelines,

-Commissioning checklists.

How does Bidustry help with creating online channels for your company?

Industrial space:

Bidustry has industrial categories. Industrial goods prices are changeable because of stock statuses, logistic costs, higher prices, order quantities, etc. E-commerce is not for those manufacturers and suppliers.

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Industrial categories!

Bidustry enables industrial manufacturers and suppliers to upload thousands of industrial goods and those visitors as buyers are also industrial factories, refineries, plants, barrages, construction projects, and so on… So that it is not for consumers.

There are no categories like woman, man, child, clothing, etc. Another seller's products can be helpful for your products too! How? Bidustry has thousands of products and visitors of other products may visit your products. In addition to this, indexing may be much quicker than your website.

Upload limitless:

Your product range may include tens of brands and thousands of products. Whether products are in stock or not, all can be uploaded. Because products are being uploaded without prices at Bidustry.

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A seller uploaded more than 50K






There will be no “add to cart” button on your products. Instead of this, there will be a “Request for a quote”.

Bidustry has more than a step buying journey at products. Thousands of products mean thousands of online channels for your company.

Invite your re-sellers:

If you are a manufacturer and working with distributors or retailers, you may think about it. You can upload thousands of products in the first step. After that, you can invite your re-sellers to enable them about answering quotation requisitions that come from uploaded products.

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Reach manufacturers and suppliers!






You can have arrangements too. You can organize your re-sellers by specific district or country by country. It also means that collective movement.

Re-sellers can't have all thousands of products in their stocks and buyers also request quotations one by one. With this one buyer at Bidustry can reach tens of sellers with a few clicks.


If you have a website, no problem. Well done! It should be but most probably not all products are uploaded or you have an e-commerce structure.

Throw away your e-commerce structure and upload all your products without prices. Also, upload to Bidustry. Use Bidustry as an alternative channel!

If you don’t have a website, You should invest in it buddy! On the other hand, if don’t, no problem again! Use Bidustry and have online channels with your product in a small period then start to organize your website.

In two options, you need one step forward. It is very important. Don’t delay!


Whether you upload your products to Bidustry and your website or not, you also need a clear blog strategy.

Question your customers and salespeople! Discover your ideal customer profile!

Learn what are they asking your team about products and the company.

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