Bidustry: A Platform to reach hundreds of thousands of industrial Products


Bidustry is B2B Marketplace for industrial sellers and buyers. It offers a quote system for products contrary to traditional bidding platforms.


There are hundreds of thousands of industrial products at Bidustry in different kinds of industrial categories such as mechanical, electrical, civil, hardware, chemical, machine, etc.


Today, buyers are searching online and most bidding platforms are closed their gates to the internet.


Traditional platforms include bidding and tendering systems and just only focused on quotations requested by customers and those special quotes are not found on internet searching.


Because quotation is a part of the procurement process. On the other hand, buyers can reach industrial products at Bidustry with manufacturing order codes, product names, and descriptions.


All gates are open to the internet. Buyers also can search at the Bidustry search bar.

Bidustry also has two main differences contrary to traditional bidding platforms and other B2B marketplaces:


1-Brands and products are common pages,


2-Quote forms can be created.


What are the details?


Brands and products are by manufacturers. Brand and product pages at Bidustry are common pages for suppliers.


The point is suppliers as distributors, retailers or resellers, etc. can reach inquiries from buyers.


Manufacturers can change or revise their products. So, there are some brands at Bidustry including tens of sellers and buyers can request a quote from those sellers with a few clicks.


While buyers can reach dozens of sellers at one product, they can create a quote form.

Quote forms are for more than one product. Think about a transformer unit. Transformer, mv cable, grounding cable, bus bar, cable tray, epoxy and chemicals, concrete, hardware goods…


A transformer unit means different industrial products from different industrial categories. It also means that buyers should reach hundreds of manufacturers and suppliers with equivalent products.


So buyers in Bidustry can reach more sellers for just only one product or they can reach hundreds by creating a quote form.


Now there are thousands of industrial products under different categories.

Buyers can request a quote or send messages. Buyers and sellers are coming together upon products, quotes, and messages. No commission fee.


As a result of all, what buyers can reach?


1- Request for quote or send messages:


At Bidustry, products are being served with “quote request” and “send message” buttons. You can reach products you are searching for in search engines or with the Bidustry search box. When you find the product, you can request from all sellers including on the product page with “Request for quote”. If you want to send a message instead of requesting a quote, you can try the “send message” at the bottom. Select sellers that you want to send a message and send. You can also click on the company logos.


2- Company and brand pages:


At Bidustry, you can see dozens of suppliers on some product pages, while others have one supplier. Sellers are manufacturers and suppliers that quote the product. You can request for quote or send messages from product pages. On the other hand, you can visit company pages by clicking the company logos. On company pages, you can see more specific information about the company such as the company website, phone number, etc. to contact. You can also view brands that which company sells. Brand pages and products are common areas for suppliers. You may also want to reach other sellers from those pages.


3- Reach more sellers with the request form:


At Bidustry, you can reach dozens of sellers for a single product. With more than one product, you can reach much more sellers. Start creating a request form. You can add complementary products to the request form in different categories by “request for quote” button. Your request form can have some products with dozens of sellers or a single seller. In this way, your request is being forwarded to all sellers. Sellers may quote for your request from the platform or outside the platform. You can also request sellers to receive your inquiry only from the platform.


4- Send the target price and order:


When the sellers quote at Bidustry, you can view alternative bids on some products, while others can have one bid. Evaluate the prices and delivery dates on your quote. For some, you can send the target price if you want. To do this, just click the button in the bid. Complete the order by selecting bids you find okay. With Bidustry, you will reach your quote without commission fees. You can make payment to sellers in the way with the conditions determined by your order.

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