Procurement teams in companies have been searching for industrial products online for many years.

The Internet is very important for sourcing. Reaching the right manufacturers and suppliers and requesting quotes is one of the procurement steps.

Industrial buyers usually search with manufacturer order codes. Besides, they can search with product names and descriptions.


After that, they can check documents related to a product. For example, technical data sheets (TDS), installation guidelines, material safety data sheets (MSDS), commissioning checklists, educative videos, images, etc.

When they search for products small part of them visit In the last 3 months, Bidustry pages have been seen more than 700.000 times on Google by industrial buyers and reached 30.000 clicks.

Here is the buyer journey at Bidustry:


The point is manufacturers and suppliers serve all their stock or non-stock products without prices with a quote system at Bidustry. Buyers can send inquiries. On the other, they can send messages both from product pages and company pages.

The truth is 70% of a buyer’s research is done before they talk to sales. 59% of buyers prefer not to talk to sales at all. Statistic from “aligned to achieve”

But if industrial buyers want to reach sales reps, they can reach from company pages. There are website links and phone numbers on company pages.

Bu resim için metin sağlanmadı

Bu resim için metin sağlanmadı

There are multi-sellers on some industrial products at Bidustry. 2 possibilities for these kinds of products:

1- Suppliers joined Bidustry independently from each other but uploaded the same product,

2- A manufacturer joined Bidustry with its distributors, retailers, or resellers. They serve all products together or regional or country by country!

Either way, as an industrial buyer, you can request a quote from all of the sellers with a few clicks. Bidustry offers industrial buyers three things:

-Request quotes or send messages,

-Reach directly to manufacturers and suppliers,

-Check price histories.

There are price histories for some industrial products. Those prices are older prices from sellers. It is mostly for construction projects and engineering companies.

Bu resim için metin sağlanmadı

They can have an idea about prices without reaching manufacturers and suppliers.

As a result of all, industrial product sourcing is one of the steps in procurement. It is very important to reach the right prices and delivery dates from the right manufacturers and suppliers at the right time.

As a buyer you can reach tens of sellers for some products or by creating a quote form you can reach dozens of sellers.

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