How It Works?

Industrial marketplace where you can reach products of manufacturers, distributors and retailers

Purchasing of industrial goods are not like consumer goods. Price of products may vary according to parameters such as the amount of manufacturing and lead time. In Bidustry, you can add goods to cart or bid to cart with suitable discount rates for increasing quantitiy demands.

Reach your inquiry from manufacturers with all retailers with one click!

Some goods of brands are linked to more than one retailer account. In some brands, manufacturers manage their brands and goods with their retailers. You can reach dozens of sellers with one click in the way of parameters such as your location, the amount you request, and the response time to your inquiry.

Reach the right seller, price and lead time with the right product in a short time of period

When you search for the product you want to buy on the internet, you can reach the right price and lead time you need from manufacturers, distributors and dealers in a short time of period.

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You can buy industrial goods as well as consumer goods with a few steps

In Bidustry, you can save time and money by shortening your average purchasing cycle, which is influenced by multiple decision makers.



Add industrial goods to cart or bid to cart!

You can add industrial goods you are searching to the cart for your low-volume purchases or you can bid to cart for your high-volume demands to reach discounted prices.

If you are only viewing “Bid to cart” option:

You can complete your order process by bidding to cart in just a few steps for your low-volume purchases of your inquiry as well!

After “Add to cart” or “Bid to cart” options, go to your cart!

You can view all goods in your cart. After completing the needed information in the next step, your request for quotation is sent to the seller accounts while you complete your order for the products whose prices are displayed. Sellers for “bid to cart” products will respond to your request for quotation in a short time of period.

When your inquiry answered by seller:

You can reach your bid by clicking the link on the automatic e-mail sent to you. You can send your target price, suspend the offer or request shipping costs for the goods in your bid. Is all the information fit for you? You can complete your transaction by proceeding to the order.

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Sellers are being organized in the background of brand products that you are sourcing.

With the distribution management system in Bidustry, stakeholders such as manufacturers, distributors and retailers of a brand are organized so that you can reach the optimum result in a short time of period. Thus, you do not need to make transactions with dozens of sellers one by one.

Add to cart or bid to cart as a member or not

At Bidustry, you can track your purchasing with a membership package suitable for your company or for you. If you do not have frequent purchasing operation, you can proceed without becoming a member. If you have frequent purchasing operation, a membership account where you can manage all your purchasing processes may be beneficial for you. Free membership option is also available.

View your traction easily by becoming a member

If you become a member, you will have a profile where your bid-order data is recorded, where you can easily follow your parallel processes and view the analysis. You can easily manage your purchasing processes from your profile. In Bidustry, profiles are offered in various packages according to your company or your needs. These depend on frequency of your purchasing and how you want to analyze them. Check out all the packages in the pricing section!

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Improve your purchasing with analytics

In Bidustry, you can analyze specific traction such as purchasing cycle, number of brands contacted, product tracking for the next period with buyer profiles.

Buyer FAQ

How long is the free package free?

You can use the free package as long as you do not upgrade or cancel your membership.

What is the difference between the number of bids and the number of items in the packages?

Each package represents the total number of bids you can request from the monthly system, or the total number of products in your bids according to your company or your monthly purchasing volume. For example, with the Plus package, you can get 50 bids for 10 items or 10 bids for 50 items.

I need another type of analysis. Can I request special analysis?

Bidustry offers the most demanded analyzes in the industrial field. Of course, industry is wide and different needs may arise in different categories. For your company-specific analysis requsitions, you can reach Customer Relations.

What is stock integration?

If you have an ERP or other system where you track your registered products, you can automate your purchasing process for the products you specify by integrating this system into Bidustry.

Can we have a demo before becoming a member?

Before you become a member, you can request a demo from just below the packages. You will be contacted with your demo request and you will be sent an e-mail and password for the demo.

Can I be both a buyer and a seller?

Your company may be eligible to be both a seller and a buyer. You can be both with 2 different profiles.


Make Your Job Easy with Automatic Graphs

  • 150 Requisition
  • 1200 Piece of Products
  • Contact With Sellers
  • Permit to See Price Lists
  • RFQ & Orders traction panels
  • Common Purchasing Module
  • Equivalent Product Module
  • Stock Integration
  • Team Module
  • Analysis


High-end Management Tools

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  • LIMITLESS Requisition
  • LIMITLESS Piece of Products
  • Contact With Sellers
  • Permit to See Price Lists
  • RFQ & Orders traction panels
  • Common Purchasing Module
  • Equivalent Product Module
  • Stock Integration
  • Team Module
  • Analysis


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