Address: Tepecik Ulus Mh. Görgülü Sk. No: 15/A Büyükçekmece / İstanbul - Türkiye

Country: TR

Tax Department: -

Tax No: 905433778870

"The foundations of Nanotech Group were laid in 2000 to offer new products and technologies to our country. Group companies operate in a wide range from plastics to construction, from machinery to food. In particular, it conducts research on advanced technology investments and on products that will provide potential business opportunities and innovative productions in our country in the coming years. Nanotech Group continues its activities in the fields of import and export of industrially valuable raw materials in the plastics industry, as well as sales and marketing of plastic processing machines. Nanotech Group, which supplies the main and auxiliary materials of many plastics and derivative products that we use in our daily life, also provides technical support to manufacturer brands with its superior experience in the sector. Nanotech Group, which has made a strong entry into the food sector with its investments, has presented the miracle fruit aronia, where health and taste meet, to the tables of the Turkish people with the Vitaronia brand."

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