Bidustry is a B2B marketplace for industrial product sellers and buyers.

There are 2 types of products:

Manufacturer goods and consumer products.

You can also consider manufacturer goods as capital goods, producer goods, industrial goods.

In Bidustry, sellers are industrial goods manufacturers, distributors, retailers and re-sellers.

Manufacturers and suppliers.

Buyers, on the other hand, are factories, power plants, facilities, refineries, small, large and very large volume construction projects, shopping malls, etc.

What categories are available in Bidustry?

Main categories:

Mechanical, electrical, construction, hardware, machinery, chemical, raw materials, others.

Subcategories of these:


Fluid control, piping and fittings, heat exchangers and air conditioning, insulation, hydraulics, pneumatics, bearings and bedding, sealing, power transmission, mechanical testing and measurement, filtration


Grounding, lighting, heating, equipment, transformer, panel system, engine, generator, battery, switchgear, bus bar, regulator, power electronics, control and automation, industrial sensor, instrument, sensor, electrical test and measurement, ex-proof, cctv system, cable transport, piping and connection, cable duct, cable, ag-og cable, cable accessories, fiber optic


Concrete brick cement, geosynthetic technology, transportation and storage, excavation and ground, scaffolding and stairs, insulation, asphalt and road construction, prefabricated structures, building materials, door, window and glass, beam and frame, roof, ceiling and exterior

4- Hardware

Hand tool, power tool, grinder and abrasive, fasteners, air tool, lifting equipment, welding equipment, hardware, hardware test and measurement

5- Machine

Construction machinery and tools, drilling and drilling, packaging and packaging, elevator and escalator, carpenter and workbench, printing machine, cnc lathe, sheet metal working, injection and spray, machinery spare parts

6- Chemical

Construction chemicals, technical chemicals, process chemicals, waste water treatment, paints and coatings, adhesives and glues, thinners and solvents, petrochemicals, granules.

7- Raw material

Lubricants and lubrication, fuel, mineral, iron copper aluminum, steel lead, cast iron component, rubber and plastic, paper and cardboard, glass and ceramic


Flame and gas, cooling system, air conditioning systems, metal products, occupational safety and environment, personal protective equipment, warnings and warnings, work clothes, working at height, labeling and locking, hygiene products, high voltage, respiratory and protection, industrial kitchen, automotive and accessories, office supplies, marine technologies, agriculture and livestock, energy systems.

Basically, producer products are a set of consumer products.

There may be hundreds of industrial categories, but Bidustry continues to increase its categories with 8 main categories and more than 100 subcategories.

It aims to increase the number of categories to more than 300.

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