Serving products on your own website?

The point is that is inbound marketing. SEO is one of the inbound marketing strategies.

Inbound marketing is about creating marketing and sales that people love by providing helpful content and resources that attract people to you. (by Hubspot)

The key point is content and resources.

SEO, print media, public relations, thought leadership, community building, influencer outreach, blogging, videos, etc. all can be thought of as inbound marketing.

So, that is great to serve your products on your own website but also you should also have a regular, long-term blog strategy for your ideal customer profile.

If your website does not have the necessary infrastructure to serve your products, invest in it!

You have so many contents and resources such as TDS, MSDS, commissioning or maintenance checklists, etc. Serve all of them!

The truth is Bidustry as the marketplace and your own website are not a fair comparison.

Bidustry is a B2B marketplace with other suppliers.

Bu resim için metin sağlanmadı

Whether your products are on the website or not, Bidustry means online channels or extra online channels to your company, increasing accessibility to search engines.

In fact, other industrial suppliers of hundreds of thousands of goods at Bidustry can be advantageous in search engines compared with your website.

In addition to this, your products also are being served in English at Bidustry rather than local languages.

Buyers can add other sellers' products and your product to the request form as a complementary product or they can request manual quotes by choosing categories.

Also, some products include older prices at Bidustry. This may give an idea to construction projects as well.

Sellers and buyers are coming together at Bidustry. There is no commission fee.

In the end, buyers are buying time with Bidustry. The most precious thing on the planet.

They reach prices and delivery dates from the right industrial sellers for the right products with a few clicks.

Because of all, Bidustry as a marketplace and your own website are not a fair comparison.

From the view of inbound marketing, you should use all resources.

Having two or three online channels for your company on the first pages of search engines can be a good advantage against your competitors.

You should invest in your own website for your ideal customer profiles and you should reach opportunities that come from other sellers at Bidustry or any other Marketplace that fits your company.

To reach more information about joining Bidustry, check “Explore > Sellers” from the front page of Bidustry!

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