Are you an industrial manufacturer or supplier? Here's how to Get Started at Bidustry:

Bidustry is a B2B marketplace for industrial sellers and buyers. Industrial manufacturers and suppliers serving products at Bidustry.

It has a different kind of approach contrary to traditional B2B platforms. It is not focused on e-commerce and company promotion with 1-10 pages per company or extra costs for front pages.

Industrial manufacturers and suppliers have thousands of products. At Bidustry, they serve all of their products without prices. It doesn’t matter for the products whether stock or non-stock.

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On the other hand, sellers can become organized. Manufacturers can invite their suppliers and organize them country by country or district by district in a specific country.

In the end, product and brand pages or common fields for suppliers as distributors, retailers, or resellers.

So that, suppliers without their manufacturers can join independently from each other as well. They automatically become registered upon uploaded product pages as common pages.

They have also access to their company pages.

If there is no manufacturer or any kind of seller sequence, all sellers reach all quotes together.

Because it may not be possible for them to have all products in their stock. In this way, buyers can reach tens or hundreds of sellers with a few clicks.

Buyers can request a quote, send messages, or reach companies directly from company pages.

Bidustry has different language options. The English version is essential. Others preferred. With the English version, it is easier to become global for sellers.

After joining Bidustry, sellers start uploading brands with creating industrial catalogs.

As the second step, products can be uploaded with excel files under brands. There is no commission fee for products that are uploaded without prices.

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Bidustry offers a quotation system rather than e-commerce. That is why there are no prices on product pages.

Buyers can request a quote for a product or create a quote form with different kinds of industrial products.

On the other hand, they can reach phone numbers or website links from company pages. They can also send direct messages to sellers.

Buyers can reach tens of sellers by requesting a quote for a product if there is more than one supplier on a page. Sellers' logos are included on product pages.

On the other hand, by creating a quote form, they can reach hundreds of sellers for different kinds of industrial products.

Think about a transformer unit. There are parts like a transformer, concrete, grounding bus bar, grounding cables, bolts, nuts, washers, mv-lv cables, cable lugs, panels, cable trays, paints, etc.

All products are being sold by different kinds of industrial manufacturers and suppliers.

Buyers can reach all of them by creating a just only quote form including products in a few steps.

In addition to this, if buyers can not find any related product, they can request a quote from their profile manually.

Those products can be demand-on manufactured industrial products.

Bidustry offers sellers online channels with industrial brands and products.

They can become more reachable with tens of thousands of uploaded industrial products.

Buyers are searching with manufacturer order codes, product names, and product descriptions.

To reach more information check “Explore > Sellers” from the front page of Bidustry!

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