Bidustry is B2B marketplace for industrial sellers and buyers!

Buyers are mostly factories, plants, refineries, industrial facilities, barrages, engineering companies, construction projects, etc.

There are some buyers like malls, fairs, parks, government projects, etc.

Bidustry offer buyers industrial goods based quote system. What is that?

Mostly buyers search on internet in their buying journeys they are average four people as buying committee in their company.

Beside, when they couldn’t find a product from their local suppliers, they also search in internet.

It can also be a 100 pieces of a procurement list. They may find most products but in the end they search in internet.

In this section, they mostly meet with Bidustry. Bidustry has industrial categories for them like mechanical, electrical, civil, hardware, machinery, chemical, raw material and others.

They usually find what they need among thousands of industrial products.

According to Bidustry, this purchasing journey can not be like e-commerce in consumer goods.

As you know there are two types of goods: Industrial goods vs. consumer goods!

Because these product prices are changeable and much more higher than consumer goods. What is changeable? Product prices change in the way of stock status, logistic costs, manufacturing order quantities or where they are going to be used.

That is why there is a system upon requesting quotations. When a buyer receives a quote, there can be 7-8 weeks delivery date or lower prices for higher quantities orders.

Bidustry enable buyers to reach right prices and delivery dates from right sellers in the right time of the period.

Buyers can request a quote for a single product or create a quote form includes more products.

Buyers can reach manufacturers and suppliers in one product. This is how sellers joining with their suppliers or buyers can reach much more of sellers with creating a quote form.

They can also send messages upon products to a seller or tens of sellers.

All can be done with subscription or without subscription. It is free to request a quote or send a message to sellers for buyers.

In addition to this buyers have also plans as sellers. In free subscription they can follow up their quotations from their profile and create a manual quote form to be sent to categories.

It can be sometimes more useful for a quotation to be reached all category sellers. They can choose a category and create their form.

When their requisition answered by sellers, they can bargain upon quotations. They can send their target prices to sellers or they can see quotations from alternative sellers.

It is much more helpful to follow all those steps with subscribing.

There is no commission at Bidustry. Buyers also keep proceeding to free in charge. It means that all free buying journey.

A tip:

You can also apply for stock integration. It is useful for automatic operations upon your xml link. When stock goes negative, a requisition can be send to sellers in related products.

Beside this, can be sent to related categories to be reached more sellers. These extras are not free.

If you interested contact us and let’s talk about it.

Second tip:

Buyers can also become sellers because most of industrial buyers as factories, etc. are also sellers. Then you have two profiles. One as seller and one as buyer.

To become seller means you are going to upload your products in catalog. To reach more information click the blog “A GUIDE TO SET UP & OPTIMIZE A SELLER PROFILE ON INDUSTRIAL B2B MARKETPLACE: BIDUSTRY!” or explore more from main page by clicking explore and sellers.

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