B2B working companies have annual sales goals. In the last ten years some of those companies started to have sales goals upon internet.

They mostly try to find answers to these kinds of questions:

- What is our target customers?

- What is the company ideal customer profile?

- What are key words that our customer mostly searching for?

- How can they proceed upon company website with just only themselves?

- What percentage of company leads are going to come from inbound sources?

Questions can be increased. Sellers and buyers are same but the arena has changed! Because internet saves time and money about company processes.

Inbound marketing is a buzzword today but it is still not completely understood by people. Most of them still don’t know the concept and they guess that it is e-commerce, digital marketing or paying google for first page.

Inbound marketing is about creating marketing and sales that people love by providing helpful content and resources that attract people to you according to Hubspot.

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Source of picture: ariadpartners.com/inbound-vs-outbound-marketing/

On the contrary of outbound marketing, it attracts people with contents and resource.

Mostly industrial manufacturers and suppliers have inbound kind issues. There are two types of goods: Industrial goods and consumer goods!

There are more contents and resources about consumer goods B2B or B2C! On the other hand industrial goods known B2B haven’t completely met with the internet yet!

We in Bidustry, checked more than 5000 industrial company websites!

There are no products uploaded, no blogs in common. Their website includes not opening 500 pages PDF. There is not hero statement or proper sitemap at websites. Only we found is boss' welcome message and thoughts about how big is global trade and how the company will work hard to be the best one.

There is also our family photo. Everyone knows that we are not a family. Also some kind of blogs about how the last expo amazing for the company and it is mostly from 2 years ago. There are never closed pops.

The best part is there is factory drone vides soundtracked like The Avengers theme!

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Source of picture: zyro.com/blog/bad-website-examples/

So, what are tips?

Tip 1 / Upload resources and contents:

               Even if you don't talk with your customers or don't focus, any ICP related strategies, you should just upload your products within different URLs. Prices? Not needed. People searching with manufacturer order codes, product names, etc. and they are also aware of product prices are variable. Delivery dates depend on manufacturer order quantities!

Tip 2 / Upload extras:

               You should upload your technical data sheets, material safety forms, commissioning checklist whatsoever. I mean related documents or contents for uploaded products. You should upload videos or any kind of visual stuff like packaged product version or another angle to product as an image!

Tip 3 / Have a meeting with your sales team:

               You should have a meeting with your sales team about blog strategies. You should prepare a list about what kind of questions are customers asking? Which kind of technical things are they asking even after buying? What is your ideal customer profile? Revenue, places, buying committees? Question them after that start writing together!

Tip 4 / Have a meeting with your top accounts:

               You should have a meeting with your top ten account. Why do they keep working with your company? What are their pain points? How do they reach information? What kind of buying journey do they imagine with you? Question them with more of these and start writing with your teams.

Tip 5 / Different language options:

               Different language options? Translate those links of products and blogs to different languages and focus on localization. Every manufacturer or supplier have got import/export experiences. Internet is global and why don’t you try to reach leads upon your website?

Tip 6 / Alternative resources:

               Any kind of alternative resources that you can upload your contents and resources as a second or third shot. Google indexing one from websites in first page. Why don’t you have 3-5 online channels to your company upon different sources? B2B marketplaces are good example for them. For example Bidustry is one of B2B marketplaces. It is for industrial sellers like manufacturers and suppliers. You can reach thousands of online channels with your products quickly. One seller in Bidustry uploaded more than 57.000 products!

When you check those tips, of course, it is going to take time but you have no excuses. You have all related resources in your hand.

Even if you have no power about it, start with Bidustry or any kind!

Start uploading, use alternative resources to have online channels for your company.

Remember! Better than nothing!

So, what percentage of your leads do you expect from inbound resources for this year?

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