Potential of cross-border trade on a B2B marketplace and how to take advantage of it!

For many years, people in companies have been exploring about trading cross-border and increasing brand awareness globally.

When you think from the view of inbound marketing, companies website and tech stack are very important about becoming global.

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Especially, companies contents and resources are key elements about modern buyers.

Today, %70 of a buyer’s research is done before they talk to sales. %59 of buyers prefer not to talk to sales at all according to aligned to achieve.

So companies websites are the only way of becoming online and global?

There are alternative resources must be used to become more reachable. For example, marketplaces.

If we talk about companies, they can directly work with consumers and companies but also they can work with just only consumers or companies.

If their potential customers are just only companies, it means that they work “B2B”. Anything including “C” as “B2C, C2C” not so much related with them.

So that, what is a B2B marketplace as alternative resource?

It is a platform that enables online trade between sellers and buyers. B2B marketplaces can be in different forms.

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There are 2 types of goods in the end. Consumer goods and industrial goods.

Industrial goods also can be thought as producer goods, manufacturer goods or capital goods.

When you think about “B2B”, consumer goods and industrial goods also show differences between each other.

The internet has not met with industrial goods yet! On the other hand, industrial goods market is bigger than consumer goods market.

Just an example you can’t compare chemical products and man clothes. Yea! Both of them can have B2B customers but their purchasing and logistic journey are not same.

In B2B point of view consumer goods also can be sold with e-commerce but price volume is much more higher at industrial products so e-commerce is not suitable.

Another example for industrial manufacturers and suppliers: Their potential customers may be projects. So it means that these products can be sold just only within a kind of system. For instance a boiler system and so on…

Bidustry is one of the B2B marketplaces. Bidustry is B2B marketplace for industrial sellers and buyers.

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To explain cross-border trade and advantages, let’s keep thinking upon Bidustry.

What are problems for B2B working manufacturers and suppliers?

1- Variable and high volume product prices in the way of manufacturing order quantities, equivalence products, stock statuses, logistic costs, etc.

2- Larger product range. For example they can have a hundred thousand of product,

3- Companies websites. Most companies don’t invest for inbound marketing completely.

How does Bidustry solve those problems?

1- Bidustry is not an e-commerce marketplace. Buyers can prepare quotation form with products or they can send a message to manufacturers and suppliers. On the other hand there are more authorized suppliers under some brands. For example one of brands include 15 suppliers. It means that a buyer will reach more suppliers for a quotation requisition with a few clicks. With adding another product to a quotation form, a buyer may reach many more suppliers. Those sellers can also be organized for a specific district in a country or country by country.

2- Categories of Bidustry are industrial categories. Not a woman, a man, a child. They are a mechanical, an electrical, a civil, a hardware, a machine, a chemical, a raw material and other industrial categories. This means that only B2B working industrial manufacturers and suppliers can join in Bidustry and their products manufacturer order codes are unique. They can upload all their product range with a few clicks. Because their product prices are not shown in product pages so that they can upload stock or non-stock products together without prices.

3- Finally companies should focus not only marketplaces but also their own website in the first step but if they are busy, they don’t have time or they resist to invest in it, either way thay can upload all their products with language options to a Bidustry.

What is language option means?

Buyers searching online in their own language mostly but also English language option is so important. Now Bidustry cross-border visitors rate nearly 30%

It means that you can reach leads who search for industrial products globally.

The main point here is to reach online channels with your company resources and e-commerce method is not the only way of having these online channels.

Whether your products are stock or not, either way you have to reach potential customers with your wide product range and you should receive calls, traffic to your website or requisition.

So the most important part at B2B marketplaces is also language options.

Not only B2B marketplaces but also your website.

Today, your website is your companies face as well!

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