Bidustry is changing the way B2B marketplace works

Companies have been searching for platforms to reach potential customers besides their websites in the last 5 years. The Pandemic also sped up this never-ending search for companies.

With the pandemic, companies changed their short-term goals. They started to question how many leads are reached from inbound sources. Besides this one, how can inbound sources as marketplaces become more effective?

The key point about inbound sources is consistency needed in the long term. B2B working companies especially industrial manufacturers and suppliers are now a little bit aware of the differences between inbound and outbound marketing.

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Their websites and B2B platforms are important to become reachable by potential customers.

This article is more about the way of B2B marketplaces as platforms.

Most B2B marketplaces are still in the concept of e-commerce and company promotion. Their power mostly comes from their traffic and brands.

But these are not solving the problem. Here are the problems:

- Companies' products have variable prices. Their product prices are changing in the way of manufacturing order quantities and product stock status.

- They have a wider product range. Especially industrial manufacturers and distributors can have thousands of products. They all can not be stocked but manufactured by order.

- Companies' websites are also important but they are still struggling with being consistent about content and distribution.

- B2C or C2C marketplaces are not applicable for those companies. E-commerce at marketplaces is not for those companies. Buying journey includes more steps rather than e-commerce.

When you think about problems, different kinds of approaches are needed instead of e-commerce and company promotion.

Bu resim için metin sağlanmadı

Bu resim için metin sağlanmadı

How Bidustry works?

+ Bidustry creating industrial space with its categories for industrial manufacturers and suppliers. Categories are for buyers working B2B. It has different language options and works globally.

+ Sellers can upload limitless products. Products are being served without prices. It means all products can be uploaded whether they are stock or not.

+ Manufacturers can join with their suppliers. Sellers under products can be organized by the district in a country or they can be organized country by county.

  For example, a buyer from England can request a quote for a product. Then requisition goes to manufacturers and suppliers in England. If they don’t answer, quotations can be seen by sellers in Europe. If not seen then goes to the world.

  All time ranges and districts can be arranged. In addition to this, quotation sequences can be arranged by specific districts inside countries for retailers.

+ Buyers can also create a quote form with different kinds of products. It means requisitions can be sent to thousands of sellers with a few clicks.

+ Sellers also have company pages. All company pages are connected to products. Buyers can prefer to reach sellers one by one by sending a message or calling them.

+ Bidustry has also solutions for procurement teams of construction projects. Older quotes can be seen product by product. Projects can analyze their needs by dates.

As a concept Bidustry is changing the way the B2B marketplace works. Offers 3 ways for buyers:

-Request a quote for a product from manufacturers and suppliers,

-Create a quote form and reach thousands of sellers,

-Send a message or call them directly from company pages,

-Check older prices from all suppliers to analyze your project,

Bidustry offers 3 value propositions for sellers.

Creating online channels for them with their thousands of products, brand and company awareness, and becoming global with language options.

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