Consumer products are goods that are used to meet daily needs and are mostly preferred on an individual basis. Usually they are low purchasing and end user products. Decision making in the purchasing process is simple. The consumer usually makes a purchasing decision in consultation with himself or his immediate surroundings. The user base is very wide compared to the users of industrial products. Mostly, the ordering process takes place in the B2C business-to-consumer business model. Products in the categories of women, men, children, home and life, supermarket and cosmetics in B2C e-commerce sites can be an example to this situation.

                Industrial goods are generally for business use and can be processed and resold. The amount of purchase is often large. Generally, high quantity orders are placed because they are low cost when purchased in high amounts in line with production costs. The purchase decision takes a long time and depends on the production quantity. The purchasing process here is a bit more complicated compared to consumer goods. Rather than an individual purchase, the procurement process comes into play. Here, an end-to-end procurement process takes place, such as collecting offers for an affordable price, evaluating the offer, agreeing for payment, and planning transportation. There are fewer customers than consumer goods. Mostly, the order process takes place in the B2B business-to-business model. Categories such as mechanical, electrical, construction, raw materials in B2B marketplaces can be an example.

                Consumer goods are mostly products with certain prices. The shopping process can be completed easily with online and offline channels. B2C e-commerce websites, shopping malls, and trading companies are channels that can be procured. Today, the procurement process of industrial products mostly progresses with the bid order system among B2B enterprises. To get offers for industrial products, the consumer scans the market and goes to price comparison by requesting an offer. After the price and offer phase, the agreement and procurement process begins for payment. At this point, with the procurement process, a procurement process that spans months or even years in some project-based cases begins. Here, B2B sales companies and purchasing factories, building projects, refineries, etc. The marketing and sales channel of industrial facilities is changing today.

                It is necessary to divide the industrial product offer and order system, that is, bid collection, bidding systems before and after the internet when evaluated from a marketing point of view. In the period when internet usage was not available or widespread, manufacturers and distributors established a dealership system in order to create a distribution network in a country. Basically, by providing easy payment to companies with high sales volumes in regions, states or cities, they made voluminous sales and spread their products in a local area. With the widespread use of the Internet, users did not have any problems in reaching other countries, regions and cities, or even the first step producers and distributors. In fact, the manufacturer and distributor started to direct the user who could easily reach him to his dealer. Now, a manufacturer or distributor can reach thousands of businesses by email marketing in a few clicks. With cold calling, thousands of companies can enter the search organization.

                With the widespread use of the Internet and the ease of setting up a website, consumers have begun to turn to online platforms where they can trust more and, if possible, they can handle their transactions and continue their way alone and in the fastest way possible. These platforms are e-commerce systems and marketplaces. They can quickly become visible online by opening a store here or uploading their products. They can manage the automatic offer-order process with pre-prepared data. They can trade 7-24 with a few clicks. With the rise of the internet, while the dealership system continues, the marketplaces continue to rise. While shopping centers or trading companies continue their activities, e-commerce continues to rise. In the next 10 years, the easy consumption of these channels is "Buy with one click!" or "Buy-buy industrial product offer!" The innovations they bring to the system will continue to facilitate our lives by enabling faster and more reliable transactions.

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