B2B marketplace for industrial sellers and buyers? Whaaat?!

There are 10 million factories around the world. In addition to this, construction projects, factories, facilities, power plants and so on...

These are industrial buyers and millions of manufacturers, suppliers, re-sellers as industrial sellers.

These factories are manufacturing products for consumers or other manufacturers.

A giant industry ecosystem!

Bidustry is B2B marketplace for those industrial sellers and buyers and it has industrial categories, unlike consumer categories.

The word, Bidustry comes from Bid + industry!

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Bidustry has eight main categories and more than 100 sub-categories but when you think about industry, categories may be much more than 100.

You can find manufacturers and suppliers under the categories as a mechanical, an electrical, a civil, a hardware, a machine, a chemical and others!

Main value proposition of Bidustry is manufacturers and suppliers can upload all their products whether it can be ten products or ten thousand.

Because products can be uploaded without prices. Industrial goods prices are changeable.

What do you mean by changeable?

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It means that product prices are changing in the way of a stock status, manufacturing quantities, logistic costs, order quantities, equivalent products and so on…

So buyers move step by step in their buying journey!

When buyers search online, their first need is to reach the right price from the right seller. That is why buyers can request a quote from sellers in the first step.

They can directly send a message to a seller, or they can prepare a quotation form with different kind of products. It means they can reach more suppliers. Beside this, Bidustry offers multiple seller option at some brands.

What is multiple seller options?

It means that a manufacturer may invite suppliers as an owner of a brand. For example, there are 15 suppliers under a brand in Bidustry now!

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So with this option, buyers can reach more suppliers inside for a product and much more suppliers with other products in their quotation form.

These suppliers also can be managed by districts in a country or the worldwide! For this reason, an industrial buyer can reach more sellers for a quotation.

As the second step, sellers can send their prices and delivery dates in the way of a requisition. A buyer can analyze the quotations and bargain at some products.

And finally, buyer can order from different sellers and pay sellers directly without commission charges of Bidustry.

Bidustry in the end works with sellers and buyers with subscription models. There are 3 types of subscription options for each side.

What Bidustry offers for sellers?

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Bidustry offers three value propositions to sellers: To Increase brand awareness, more online channel to your company at search engines, leads and prospects!

On the other hand it also offers 3 value propositions to buyers: An industrial space, quotation with a few click from so many suppliers and step by step B2B buying journey!

In the close future, 10 million factories around the globe will save time and money in their purchasing journey and sellers will reach thousands of qualified leads with their products.

Would you like to discover more? https://www.bidustry.com/en

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